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Surprise Engagement at Lake Tahoe

January 27, 2022

Newly engaged at Sand Harbor in Lake Tahoe

When a long time friend calls you out of the blue with an extremely secretive and intricate plan to photograph his brother’s surprise engagement in Lake Tahoe, you literally drop everything. Jon has been trying to get me out to Lake Tahoe since we were in high school, unfortunately it never panned out. When I finally had the opportunity to finally go I couldn’t wait. In fact, I enjoyed Lake Tahoe so much, I decided to do my Bachelor’s Party there. This place seriously checks ALL the boxes. It’s stunning, it’s mountainous, there’s great beer, and there’s fishing.

Ryan and I had scoped out a few different areas, one of which was the site of a crazy BBQ party rave. Not quite the atmosphere for a proposal. Thankfully we had a few backups and I could use the creepy feature of our beloved iPhones to see where he was so that I wouldn’t spoil anything. Being stealthy is fun, it reminds me of when I was a kid playing around the neighborhood and having Nerf gun fights. I’ve got a lot of practice.

Couple on dock at Lake Tahoe

These two are super cute, and it made me feel super old to photograph your best friend’s little brother proposing. Anyways… That LIGHT! After some family celebrations and dinner we set off the next day to do some formal engagement photos around the family condo.

Couple sitting on bench

Ryan really wanted to get some photos at the iconic Sand Harbor… I too wanted to finally see this place myself, we all boarded a boat and hauled ass to beat the storm that was rolling in. Once we got to the spot we had to take a small kayak to the rock formations. I think my excitement overpowered my anxiety of floating in choppy water to climb onto a rock with all my camera equipment… 10/10 would do again.

Couple with umbrella at Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe


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